Tuesday, July 5, 2016

When your investigator becomes your teacher...

Hello everyone!

Is it already p-day again? Time sure does fly! This email will be a little shorter and maybe slightly all over the place but I will do my best to update you all on all the exciting things in the MTC.

First of all, Happy 4th of July! We celebrated it on Saturday and had a really cool flag presentation of all the flags in the world and talked about freedom and how it enabled the gospel to be restored. After that we went outside and got to watch the fireworks from the stadium of fire! It was a lot of fun and it was nice to celebrate one of the best holidays!

Next, one of the best parts of last week was getting to clean the temple! It's closed for 2 weeks so they invited the missionaries to come help clean it which was a really cool experience and helped me appreciate all the work it takes to keep temples clean and beautiful!

As far as the Portuguese goes...it's a coming! It is tough and pushes me tudo dia, cada dia (all day, every day but I am working really hard to memorize the words and practice them throughout the day. I definitely am able to understand a lot more of what my teachers say which has been a huge blessing. Also, to follow up with the subject of this email, this week we had our last lesson with our investigator Nelson. We all knew he wasn't a real investigator but none of us realized that when we were done teaching him, he would become our teacher! His real name is Irmao Curtis and he is a great teacher. He got back from his mission in Brazil 10 months ago so he knows exactly how we all feel which is really nice. 

We have a lot of lessons lined up for this week. Tonight we teach members in Portuguese and then this week we will meet our 3 new investigators! I am a little nervous but the other day I had the thought that instead of just writing out everything I would want to say in English and then translate it over, I should keep my lessons simple and use the Portuguese I know really well. That way I can be confident in what I am saying and not rely so much on following a script. Sister Hulsey and I are going to try that this week and hopefully it goes well! 

All in all I am still happy as a peach and loving being at the MTC. It pushes me in every way possible but there is no where I would rather be and nothing I would rather be doing. Even with the stress of learning a language, I just feel so happy all the time which is a huge blessing. 

On to another week! Happiest 4th of July!

Sister Morey

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